Your Freespins at a Cherokee Casino

Cherokee Casinos are very popular offline as well as online, where you can not only receive one of their member cards that allow you to gain points for things such as cash, prizes, and free spins but even free hotel nights at their resorts.

How to Get Free Spins

Getting free spins is very simple, all you have to do is get a memberships card which will give you a specific amount of money. In most cases only $5, but if you get to the right "hot machine" you can win hundreds of free spins and make some cold hard cash. Of course, there are rules with the money given on the card such as that you have to spend a specific amount before you can keep the money or the card goes back to zero money.

The best ways to get free spins is to hit the free spins that are found on the reels. Most are usually found on the 5 wheel slots but a few like Lucky Ducks, a three reel machine, also gives out free spins. Some of the machines, once you hit the right combination, you will absolutely go crazy and start spinning in different directions and then you will hit more free spins. As a matter of fact, you can hit more free spins than you can imagine, which just keeps adding up to how many spins you can get free of charge.

The best thing about freespins is that you can keep every dime and not have to add more in order to collect your winnings. You just have to cash out and the money will be placed on your card. Of course, if you are on a "hot machine" that is allowing you to win, who would want to get up and walk away?

Cherokee Casino:
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