The Best Jackpot Rewards at Cherokee Casino

The Cherokee Casino has an incredible reward program for almost all the weekdays, but the greatest of them all – the jackpot reward- happens on the last Wednesday of the month. Just to have a sense of the jackpot benefits, look at the other daily prizes.

  • Mondays, between 8 am and 10 pm you can win up to $100 for playing and an instant prize when you swipe your One Star card. “Solid Gold Tuesdays” will reward its players with instant prizes in cash and card points, but also a food voucher for $5.
  • “Scratch & Winn Wednesday” can bring prizes up to $500 after you swiped your card at the Rewards kiosk.
  • “Thirsty Thursday” brings different prizes if you swipe your card between 4 pm and 7:50 pm. The drawings are at 8 pm, 8:30 pm and 9 pm and values $250 for the first two, and $500 for the last.
  • “Jackpot Reward” values $2,000 in cash drawings. All you need to do is swipe your One Star Card, play your favorite game, win a $1,200 jackpot or more while playing, and at 9 pm you can gain again $2,000 in cash drawing.

All these wonderful prizes are possible with One Star Card. The card is available in four versions: Vinyl, Gold, Platinum and Multi-Platinum.

  • Vinyl is the basic variant, but in no time, it transforms to Gold.
  • Gold has 200 slot points, 2 hours table play, 2 hours poker play, 10% bonus point multiplier, a 10$ birthday gift and a 10% food discount.
  • Platinum has 5,000 slot points, 50 hours table play, 500 hours poker play, 25% bonus point multiplier, a 50$ birthday gift, 15% food discount and one night a month free hotel accommodation at Hard-Rock.
  • Multi-Platinum has 25,000 slot points, 100 hours table play, 1,000 hours poker play, 50% bonus point multiplier, a 100$ birthday gift, 25% food discount and two night a month free hotel accommodation at Hard-Rock.

May you have the best experience at Cherokee Casino and win the biggest of prizes!

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